Sound Healing

a journey to a new you

What is Sound Healing?

“Sound Healing”, a technique of producing sound and vibrations using the healing Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, is one of the most ancient tools that has been used for centuries for Meditation and Healing. Harmonic sound waves will enter and clear your mind and give you a blissful experience beyond words. Listening to sound can induce slower brainwave states like Alpha and Theta that are known to relax mind, body and soul and allows each cell in the body to rejuvenate and energise. The use of sound helps to relieve and let go of any stress gently and make you feel more relaxed and lively.

Throughout the process, a mixture of different instruments like Singing bowls, Tingshas, Gongs are used to create various sounds around your space that will help cleanse, charge and balance the 7 Chakras of a Human body and create a positive and energetic aura around you. A person may lay down or simply sit on a meditation cushion and the energy vibrations that are created will make the mind drift away to another place helping your soul to connect with your greater self.

When merged with meditation, it turns into a beautiful and powerful combination of sound, music and silence that not only relaxes your body and mind, but your soul will be deeply relaxed too. For those who are in need of entering into that calm state of mind, come and experience the gentle healing & relaxing benefits of the sound waves with the help of this powerful sound bath. After the session, your body and mind will surely feel its powerful healing benefits and your soul will thank you for taking yourself to such a blissful experience.