a journey to a new you

What is Meditation and why do it?

Meditation is Yoga.

Western society has taken Yoga as just being 'On The Mat', which includes only a set of postures that gives flexibility to our body with all kinds of bending and twisting. In reality, postures are only one small portion of Yoga. Yoga is not just about our body but it is the union of the mind and the body. To have a healthy and a fit body, we need a healthy mind. Yoga postures prepares a human body to get into meditation which is the main aim of Yoga. Meditation is a way of creating a positive mind-set towards life and to learn how to have control over our minds and to quieten the constant chattering of those busy thoughts that are haunting our minds throughout the day. The sequence is Postures (Asana), Breathing (Pranayama), Meditation followed by action.

Meditation is the greatest relaxation that Humankind has ever known. By changing your mind, you can change your life and live life to its fullest. Meditation helps you to become resilient to stress, develop inner peace and develop mind control which we call today as Mindfulness.

With constant practice, you will learn to calm down your nervous system, slow down the activity of our thoughts and you learn to be totally present in the NOW moment with full awareness, leading to a more clear and joyful life.

Research has shown numerous health benefits that one can achieve from meditation, which is why the interest in meditation in our modern society has increased over the years. Some of these benefits are:

Helps treat Insomnia
Promotes relaxation
Improved perception and memory
Decrease in stress hormone
Lower blood pressure
Increased productivity
Decrease in chronic pain
Improved health

Developing a regular practice of meditation, starts slowly. To experience the wonders of meditation, one has to develop a consistent practice. It doesn’t mean that one has to spend hours in silence every day. All you need is a few minutes that you can dedicate to welcome this new beginning into your life. As you start to experience its magic, you will keep getting stronger in your practice and will surely want to pass the magic to everyone you know around you.

I teach meditation in a very easy form that is quite easy for beginners. My 60 mins guided meditation sessions includes a set of breathing (pranayama) exercises and powerful chanting to revive and charge your energy system. Together, all this combined with the powerful and healing Tibetan Sound Bath, you will be able to charge every molecule in your body and it will take you to experience a New YOU.

I will assist you in letting go of the unnecessary baggage of thoughts in your mind and help you to achieve a balance and to cultivate healing in your system.