About Serene

a journey to a new you


Like many out there, I had my own share of tough life lessons. I went through madness to find myself. I believe during the tough phases of life, we all are always presented with that golden chance to look into ourselves more deeper and find for the real meaning of our lives. During those hard situations that were trying to break me, I discovered the amazing and healing power of Meditation. With consistent practice, Meditation gave me an immense amount of mind control; a power that helps us building our inner strength and with which we can use those tough life experiences to progress into a better version of ourselves, instead of being a victim of life.

As time passed and I was getting more curious in learning more about how the Human minds work, I wanted to enhance my knowledge and wisdom in mind healing. This is exactly the time when I discovered ‘Tibetan Sound Healing’- one of the most ancient and powerful tools that is used for centuries in Meditation and Healing.

I then trained and received my certification as a Sound Healer with a true master of this ancient knowledge; Gyuto Tibetan Monk: Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar; who is also known as the Dalai Lama’s Chant Master.

Like myself, most of us at some point in our lives, have gone through such tough, painful and traumatic lessons that affects our lives in a lot of unhealthy ways making us feel misaligned with our inner self. These are the times when our soul calls us to listen to itself and ask us to deeply try and find the real meaning of our own life which is absolutely not what happens in the OUTSIDE, but is actually what happens within the INSIDE.

Meditation and Healing gives us that direction that helps our inner world to be back in balance at all levels; be it physical, emotional or spiritual.